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5 Tips to find the cheapest flight ticket!

Posted on 26 October 2018 by admin (0)

The quest for the cheapest flight ticket is launched. You’ll need to arm yourself with patience and, above all, follow our wise advice, honed by endless hours of research!

Be flexible when searching for the cheapest flight ticket!

The secret asset is flexibility. As a good friend of mine from San Francisco Bay Area Towing told me, “be sure to travel when you have flexible dates, because that will be your best way to save money.” Do you dream of going to a warm country for the Easter holidays? Make a list of destinations that tempt you, and search! Do you want to discover Greece? Search by period and find the best rates! The more flexibility you have, the better you’ll find the pearl at an unbeatable price.


Play on the dates

Rule number 1 is flexibility! The problem with most comparators is that they require fixed dates of departure and arrival as search parameters. However, often it is enough to change the date by a day or two. Unless you spend hours to compare all the possible combinations, it is better to orient oneself on comparators for searches with flexible dates. Flexible dates is one of the most important factors if you want to find the cheapest flight ticket in timely manner.


Play on the destinations

Rule number 2 is the flexibility of the destination! You may want to go to Asia for example, but not 100% sure to choose Vietnam … Indeed, why not Indonesia instead? You may find an unbeatable price for one, but not for the other. Many comparators highlight the best promotions of the moment: you can browse these pages to find the rare pearl.


Play at the departure airport

Another parameter often overlooked is that of the airport of departure. This tip is particularly valid for long-haul flights: if you go to Latin America for example, it does not matter to make a stopover in Madrid, where you will sometimes find tariffs beating any competition. Some promotions from regional cities, such as Nice or Lyon, are also worth a visit.


Take patience!

Arm yourself with patience, relax and plan a few hours of free time in front of you. Finding the rare pearl is a challenge! The reason? Displayed promotions whose numbers juggle everything, the multiple expectations of comparator updates, countless redirects between sales sites, headaches to compare dates, prices, fees and other paid options to tear your hair! One of the most frustrating aspects of this good quest is to spot attractive rates, click and see the amount suddenly increased, for no clear reason, just because the update was done! Many comparators display very tempting promotions, but they are actually obsolete. This is wasting a lot of time.


In conclusion, here is our ultimate advice: once the rare pearl unearthed, book it! Your dream offer may indeed be no longer available if you dont book right away.